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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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round.    We danced (for I country-danced) till four, then had tea and coffee, and came home.
Finis BaUL
10Friday was the birthday; it was vastly full, the ball immoderately so, for there came all the second edition of my Lord Mayor's, but not much finery: Lord Fitzwilliam and myself were far the most superb. I did not get mine till nine that morning.
The Opera will not tell so well as the two other shows, for they were obliged to omit the part of Amorevoli, who has a fever. The audience was excessive, without the least disturbance, and almost as little applause ; I cannot conceive why, for Monticelli ... u be able to sing to-morrow.
At court I met the Shadwells12; Mademoiselle Misse Molli, &c. I love them, for they asked vastly after you, and kindly. Do you know, I have had a mind to visit Pucci, the Florentine minister, but he is so black, and looks so like a murderer in a play, that I have never brought it about yet ? I know none of the foreign ministers, but Ossorio1S a little; he is still vastly in fashion, though extremely altered. Scandal, who, I believe, is not mistaken, lays a Miss McCartney to his charge; she is a companion to the Duchess of Eichmond, as Madame Goldsworthy u was; but Ossorio will rather be Wachtendonck1B than Goldsworthy: what a lamentable story is that of the hundred sequins per month! I have mentioned Mr. Jackson, as you desired, to Sir R, who says he has a very good opinion of him. In
10 So in. MS.
u So in MS.
12 Sir John Shadwell, a physician, his mfe and daughters, the youngest of "whom "was pretty, and by the foreigners generally called Mademoiselle Misse Molli, had been in Italy •when Mr. W. was there. Walpole.
13 The Chevalier Ossojio, minister froin the King of Sardinia. Walyole.
i* Daughter of Captain Vanbrugh, R.N.
15 General Waohtendonok, oom-mander of the Great Duke's troops at Leghorn, was oicisbeo to the Consul's wife there.